Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Fishkids finished?

Managed some drawing on those rare evening hours with no urgent have-to's. Doodled some more on the fish kids. Dunno, its not exactly what I wanted. I DO need to practice more on colours and lights but... you know. Every bit of drawing is practice I suppose. Next up I'll go all in making a digital painting imitating a classical oil portrait. At least that's the plan. Should get back on to doing the dreams again.... so many shoulds. OH WELL. Now, wash dog and then GoT. The fourth book. For the third time.

I changed the design of her legs, still not pleased with the arm and her pose but then my original drawing was very, VERY quick. Next time I'll work more with the poses before I start.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The Fish and the Kids

Yes, against all odds I FINALLY managed to get some me-time. Me-time meaning time for me, ice cream and my wacom. Result is yet another unfinished speedy thing. Though I have spent too long on it already I will actually try to finish this one, I kinda like them, the fish kids. I blame my lazy pace on lack of practice. To tell you the truth I have been quite busy the last couple weeks. I'm loving the new job and the weekends seem to disappear in a hazy cloud of rum. And, lets not forget my little date with the darling dentist. That was a less pleasant experience. One might even say it was the worst experience ever.