Friday, 9 December 2011

My wacom and me

So I decided to move on from the Christmas card and work a bit on the blog header. I think I've had the text "temporary blog/portfolio for my artwork and illustrations" just a BIT too long for it to be considered temporary. So now it's not! It's winter now, and winter means I feel no guilt at all sitting inside drawing/drinking glögg all day since it's pitch black outside from 2pm anyway. Even if I get some mad notion and venture outside it would only be a quick half-run to the shops and back, to fill up the Ben n Jerry-supplies. SO. Hopefully this means I get some more drawing done. More probably I will get fat, slightly depressed and too tired to draw from all the ice cream and lack of oxygen, but I live in a world called denial. It's nice there. They got ice cream. And rainbows.

Anyhow. I know you can see the header, but here's some details, for those interested. Now, next project... will... beeeee...... hmmm.... I think machines or monsters. I also have a new webpage design floating around in the back of my abstract mind that will require some animation. And I promised my brother to help out with an animation for his game. Why aren't the days longer?

Monday, 5 December 2011

And then came Winter

It's strange. I come home around 10 after a long day at work, the weather is some sort of dirty slush of water and pollution with a dash of ice. Though it isn't anything like last years nightmarish ice age, it's cold enough to just not want to go outside. Ever. It's dark. So. Very. Dark. At this time, any normal person would enjoy finally being within the warm walls of their home, cook dinner and then let their brains slowly dissolve to some pointless tv-series. I've seen it. A hint of drool in the corner of their open mouth, staring blankly in front of them with glossy eyes, taking comfort in the knowledge that there is absolutely no point whatsoever in even trying to think. It's colours and sounds and maybe a primitive form of interest in pretend people's pretend lives. But no, no. Not me. You know I feel deprived of this relaxation. I think, there might be something wrong with me. Well I know that, there's a lot wrong with me. But THIS? Can I not do THIS? As far as I'm concerned it seems like the very essence of being human, the ability to be lazy and, literally, do NOTHING.

No. I can't do nothing. Especially when I've worked late and come home even more tired than usual. I'm like... well I want to use the work stressed here, but that's not right. It's kind of a similar feeling, except I don't feel bad or have any anxiety or anything. I'm just full of ideas. It's like the cogs in my head went "click" and for the first time during the entire day the machinery actually works. No, the only thing my brain wants to do is draw. Or make things. Produce. And not stop. No matter the time. I could keep going through the entire night. But I stopped now. And I'm going to bed. A little bit angry. 

Did this little thing. Just a sketch. Think I'm making it into some sort of Christmas card if I can be arsed to finish it. Not happy with her face so I might redo that entirely. The trees in the background were fun, and quick! First time drawing snow in the dark, enjoyed it a lot actually. Oh well. Learning learning.

Did some more on it. Now I really can't be bothered to do more... NEXT! Hmm... what is next?