Tuesday, 4 December 2012

To try, to fail and to learn

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I completely SUCK at doing landscapes and environments. SO. Learning is the only alternative. Here's some art for another game me and fellow game-making brother are planning. It's an easy-going little thing for mobile platforms so we're going for sweet graphics and no fantastic high-res and stuffs.

I sigh and admit to having a long way yet to go, but I need to start somewhere. 

Saturday, 27 October 2012

The late nights

A lot of things I do on Friday nights start with the letters "dr". This Friday night it was draw. Actually most time last night was spent drawing backgrounds for a little game idea me and brother have been talking about, but then I realized I'm SHIT at drawing landscapes and vistas, so I decided to doodle something character-y and practice colouring. Well, what to say. In lack of inspiration I doodled something... eh... resembling me. 

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Sneak peak on new webpage illustrations

It's basically an idea I've been wanting to do for a long time. Nothing too original I suppose, but I think it will look great if I manage to actually finalize it. OK, so I want it to have a hand-drawn look to it and I want it to be as animated as possible. There are too few hand-drawn, animated webpages out there imo. Here's a sneak peak on some detail of the first sketches I've done so far.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The beginning of the "decline"

Yes, the project me and my brother have been talking about... since.... 2004 I believe. I decided to start doing some concepts for it. And yes, it's a game. Since it's just the two of us and we need to keep it "simple" for it to actually happen, we're making a Point n Click. Like, a really good one. An adventure! With like... adventurous stuff in it! I don't want to tell you more than that. I'll prop keep posting stuff here when they get done. This is a first sketch of the protagonists of the story in like, casual wear and with gear.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Sunday

Ah, I love Sundays. It's the only time of the week when you're kindof officially allowed to just sit and do what ever you want. Today I have looked out my window at the dogs and their people walking around in the little park. And then we watched some GoT, and then I painted my awesome basement find: the raindeer horns, in a bright blue colour bordering to offensive, and then I did some drawing and some music, and then my brother came by and gave us cake, and then our neighbor gave us more cake... And then its almost bed-time. How? I honestly don't know where the days go!!! I'm gonna go in to crunch big-time from Monday so this Sunday is perhaps the last bit of me-time I'll have in a few weeks (months). Wanna do a painting, a big-ass-huge-wall-covering painting. Sat and doodled on an idea I had, ended up with playing around with the colours and actually liked the funky inverted version of the sketch more. So, might do a version of this! Allthough I'm not sure the orange goes very well with my flat... 

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Another thing..

...I want to spend more time on is making jewelry. Went to Prague last weekend and felt really inspired, so yes. It's all Art Nouveau/deco-ish. Trying to design them so they'd be easy to make. All silver, is the plan, because it's the easiest. Might want to try out some inlay with semi-precious stones, like Lapis Lazuli. But then it's pretty time consuming if I want to do an elaborate pattern. And knowing me, I'd want to do an elaborate pattern. One day. Maybe. When I got all that time I seem to be missing.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Colours atm

Felt like colours, y'know when you don't even know what to draw, just that you want to splash around with a few colours. Ah well. Real quick one.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Perhaps why I find it hard to sleep....

Yes, I dream things like this. This wasn't actually a bad dream, it was more... adventurous. Sure, I was chased by some weird human-eating aliens and evil agents and all other bad-guys imaginable, but I didn't wake up all covered in sweat, hyperventilating, with the image of me putting a rusty old saw through the neck of a psycho killer when trying to escape, on my cornea.

I woke up from THIS dream when hiding in the flat of this really angry Japanese guy didn't work out and I instead ran outside into this Ghibli-esque weird town and up to this wooden house with an open door. In front of the door stood a girl, and when she turned around she looked like this. Since the image was so clear in my mind when I woke up I just had to draw it. I don't even like the design of her, not even in my dream! But yeah, I had to draw it. It was darker and more vivid colours in the dream, and she didn't have that exact pose, hers was more... stiff. Like she was a robot. I mean she surely wasn't human. I might attempt to draw the surroundings one day, the house had a really interesting design, and it had a porch with some kind of junk yard on it, and coloured lights hanging from the balcony above. Uhm. The "animals"? The pink furry boxes with tails and ears? Don't even ask, I have NO idea, but they were alive in the dream.

Monday, 20 February 2012


.....As usual. Well, at least I got my wacom down from the shelf for once and didn't spend the entire night playing around with my keyboard and Ableton. Quick doodle. Just needed to start drawing again. I'm gonna try draw one of my more recent dreams next, whenever I got time. Time. My best friend and my nemesis. *SIGH*