Thursday, 23 February 2012

Colours atm

Felt like colours, y'know when you don't even know what to draw, just that you want to splash around with a few colours. Ah well. Real quick one.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Perhaps why I find it hard to sleep....

Yes, I dream things like this. This wasn't actually a bad dream, it was more... adventurous. Sure, I was chased by some weird human-eating aliens and evil agents and all other bad-guys imaginable, but I didn't wake up all covered in sweat, hyperventilating, with the image of me putting a rusty old saw through the neck of a psycho killer when trying to escape, on my cornea.

I woke up from THIS dream when hiding in the flat of this really angry Japanese guy didn't work out and I instead ran outside into this Ghibli-esque weird town and up to this wooden house with an open door. In front of the door stood a girl, and when she turned around she looked like this. Since the image was so clear in my mind when I woke up I just had to draw it. I don't even like the design of her, not even in my dream! But yeah, I had to draw it. It was darker and more vivid colours in the dream, and she didn't have that exact pose, hers was more... stiff. Like she was a robot. I mean she surely wasn't human. I might attempt to draw the surroundings one day, the house had a really interesting design, and it had a porch with some kind of junk yard on it, and coloured lights hanging from the balcony above. Uhm. The "animals"? The pink furry boxes with tails and ears? Don't even ask, I have NO idea, but they were alive in the dream.

Monday, 20 February 2012


.....As usual. Well, at least I got my wacom down from the shelf for once and didn't spend the entire night playing around with my keyboard and Ableton. Quick doodle. Just needed to start drawing again. I'm gonna try draw one of my more recent dreams next, whenever I got time. Time. My best friend and my nemesis. *SIGH*