Sunday, 15 September 2013

Robots and Sleep

So this weekend I have decided to fully dedicate myself to the wonderful art of being absolutely and utterly lazy. It's harder than most people think, especially if you're a person like me and not skilled at all in doing nothing. As I think of it, ALL my skills basically lies within the doing-things-sphere. Though I mostly find myself doing more than one thing at the same time, and therefore not doing anything particularly well.

One might think that this lazy-weekend I am treating myself to has some sort of relation to the kind of weekend I had LAST week, and to a very large extent yes, I guess it is true. The lazy weekend come as a sort of aftermath. Last weekend was despite unearthly amounts of fun a challenge of the more physical sort. Dancing for hours to awesome music in the ruins of an old fort in the warm an lovely Croatia four days in a row took its tow. I think I might have got five different kinds of colds and also aged approximately five years. But, I must say despite that the hours of intoxicated dance and the hours of sleep I now enjoy are on the opposite side of the spectrum I cant shake the feeling that it's still all... well. shamefully enjoyable. It's on the same treat-level so to speak. When it comes down to it I don't really feel like I deserve it, but I'm too comfortable to care. So I slept, and slept, then I ate some really unhealthy food, and slept some more. Then I read a book, then I ate some toasts and  ice cream. And between all these glorious occupations I managed to dabble a little with the Robot game me n bro' are making. I made a sketch of a "crusher", meant to be an level asset/enemy in the first level set. Oh and I am currently sketching on the background for it. With Nick Drake singing softly out of my speakers, a fourth serving of ice cream in front of me and a large cup of matcha tea it doesn't really feel like I'm doing anything. I still fell pretty lazy. But I will have to start to speed up. My aim for this fall is to have a prototype of the game ready. I want to have a product in hand, if maybe not entirely finished, before the end of the year. So, that's why I now will finish the ice cream, drink some more tea, and thoroughly enjoy this treat of a weekend.

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